Σάββατο, 06 Ιουλίου 2013

Su-Mei Tse

Dojima River Biennale 2013 "Little Water"
Artistic director: Rudy Tseng
Duration: July 20 – Aughust 18, 2013

Dojima River Forum
1-1-17 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Japan

Dojima River Biennale 2013 entitled “Little Water” will be held this summer at the Dojima River Forum with Rudy Tseng, Taiwanese curator and Member of Tate Gallery Asia-Pacific Acquisitions Committee as Artistic Director. It is the third event in the series, following the success of the first Biennale in 2009, and the second in 2011. By linking art with many other areas, it promises to bring new horizons for art into sight.

The Dojima River Forum is set on the beautiful riverbanks of Dojima River, in the heart of the traditional Osaka. At Dojima River, water plays an important part to the scene and the everyday life of the people.
In history, the rich culture and civilization of Asia arose along river valleys. Simultaneously to the development of agriculture economy, poetry and literature came to formation. Inspired by the beauty of flowing water and its significance in many different aspects Mr. Tseng reinvestigates the traditional meaning of the water and explores its role in many different aspects of agriculture, ecology, literature and human sensibility. Tseng invites works, which embrace the complexity and diversity of this most basic element of nature and its poetic beauty while acknowledging its unique values.

Participating artists
Doug Aitken/Yukio Fujimoto/Gade/N.S Harsha/Naoya Hatakeyama
Takashi Ishida/Teppei Kaneuji/William Kentridge/Wolfgang Laib
Mingwei Lee/Charles Lim/Aditya Novali/Sheung Chuen Pak/Sopheap Pich
Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook/Taro Shinoda/Hiroshi Sugimoto/Tadasu Takamine/teamLab
Chao-Ming Teng/Charwei Tsai/Su-Mei Tse /Yuping Wang
Meg Webster/Lawrence Weiner/Andro Wekua/Lyota Yagi/Goang-Ming Yuan